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Listed below are links to web sites that may be of interest to you. Feel free to visit these web sites.

  • Lincoln Financial Advisors Retirement Income Illustrator Video - Click on the link to watch the Lincoln Financial Advisors video about our Retirement Income Illustrator software. With this available tool we can better serve your exact needs and develop an outlook of your future financial goals. Contact us today to get your Retirement Income Illustrator started today.
  • Retirement Income Illustration Workbook - If you are interested in starting your own Retirement Income Illustration, click this link to download your workbook. Fill in the workbook with as much detail as possible. Once completed, send it to us and we will enter your data in for you.
  • Lincoln Financial Advisors Risk Tolerance Questionnaire - Not sure what your risk tolerance is? Follow this link to access our questionnaire that will help you to determine what your risk tolerance is. (Please also fill this out if you are completing the above workbook to do a RII).
  • Check Your Account on OmniSource - Use this link to access your accounts online with OmniSource. Can run full reports of your accounts on this website.
  • Check Your Annuity Accounts - Access your annuity accounts (Multi-Fund, ChoicePlus, American Legacy, Wells Fargo New Directions, Variable Annuities, Fixed Indexed Annuities, and Fixed Annuities) online through LFG
  • Check Your Account with Streetscape - Access your accounts (LincSolutions & Brokerage accounts) online with MyStreetscape.
  • IRS - Link to Internal Revenue Service website.
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Tax Provisions - Link to the IRS Affordable Care Act Provision for Individuals & Families, Employers, and Other Organizations.

Because the content of newsgroups and websites changes constantly, it is impossible for us to review it all. Our firm cannot be responsible for the content of any of the above links.